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Maxi dress "Baby rose" with embroidered wedges

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750.00 usd

Embroidered dress “Baby rose” is made of 100% linen produced in Italy.

Shades of green in authentic Ukrainian Culture Ukrainian colors mean generous nature - the colors of the leaves of trees, young green, lush grass. They also symbolize eternal youth and spring, which for centuries triumphantly win in the endless cycle of rebirth of life. This traditional Ukrainian embroidery color combined with gray embroidery, the color which symbolizes inner peace and perfection, creating a wonderful ensemble that highlights the beauty and youth of the women who wear it. The pattern in the form of roses also has a deeper meaning - it is a symbol of love and mercy. Repeating patterns of roses marks the endless movement of life and eternal rebirth.

Convenient snap fasteners, embroidered wedges, bright highly saturated colors, and handmade tassels make vyshyvanka look fashionable and modern. A striking decoration embroidered dress are vintage art "Pukhlik" and "Zbyranka", which decorated the shirtband, sleeves and forearm.

Length: 120-125cm / 47-49 inches


XS : 100 cm  / 39 inches
S : 110cm / 43 inches
M : 120 cm / 47 inches
L : 130 cm / 51 inches

Please note that the size label contains the information about the width of the workpiece. If you choose to order our clothing item, we recommend that it would be 6-8 inches larger than your physical body measurement.

Care instructions: delicate wash or dry cleaning.

Production time: 21-30 days.

Prepayment: 50%

When ordering, you can specify your personal preferences of color, cuff design, and let us know if you prefer or not having fringe and tassels.

As soon as we get your order, our consultant will contact you to clarify all the details and discuss the convenient ways of payment and delivery.